art fabrication

Youngbuk offers expertise in the design, fabrication, and installation of large-scale artwork. Our team comes from backgrounds in fine art, and our work embodies an artful attention to material and detail that distinguishes us from other fabricators.

We strive to collaborate with artists and designers working ambitiously in a wide range of materials, with a specialty in wood and metalwork. We are experienced in all stages of large scale art-making, from concept and prototyping to on-site installation and rigging.


custom Furniture

We are passionate about the fine art of furniture-making, and  produce specialty pieces that traditional cabinet shops aren’t equipped to handle.

Our experience working directly with furniture designers keeps us ahead of contemporary trends and techniques. With our broad knowledge of materials, highly-equipped studio, and skilled craftsmanship, we can provide custom solutions to your furniture project.



We work with department stores, boutiques, corporate offices, and other businesses on temporary installations and full-scale remodels. Our broad fabrication expertise allows us to meet almost any challenge, from custom display furniture to multimedia set pieces.

We provide our clients with transparent, carefully-researched estimates and project management.



Whether your initial concept is a rough sketch or a fully developed proposal, we have the experience to optimize and execute it. Youngbuk brings engineering, design, and project management expertise to a wide range of creative installations, and we approach complex technical projects with a mind for experimentation and iteration.

digital prototyping:

CNC machining
Laser cutting
Vertical machining
Metal lathing

design services

Design consultation
3D Modeling and rendering
Material and finish samples
CNC file prep



Our business was founded on museum-quality bases and platforms in 2013. We continue to take great pride in supplying local galleries, museums, and art fairs with superior displays for fine art, and we bring an exemplary level of finish to even the most complex exhibition designs.